Life on the low side of the Road

“Life is filled with unanswered questions, but it is the courage to seek those answers that continues to give meaning to life. You can spend your life wallowing in despair, wondering why you were the one who was led towards the road strewn with pain, or you can be grateful that you are strong enough to survive it.”
J.D. Stroube, Caged by Damnation

I saw this quote today and started to think about my own path, as it is set out before me right now.  Our apartment complex has decided to end our lease early, my mind becomes ever slower with each drawn out day spent at work serving coffee and we still have no idea where we are going to live.  Yet somehow, I don't really feel despair but rather this old familiar feeling that came with the uncertainty of the road and time spent discovering the unknown. I love the unknown. It terrifies and excites me. I am an unknown rock and rolla and I am terrifying and exciting.

Maybe Im tring to find the world. Maybe its trying to find me. Either way, I feel that something is coming, I just have no idea what that is.

Dont let your immediate drawbacks keep you from your building successes and finding out just what you are made of.  It doesnt matter which way you walk, as long as you get somewhere right!? See you out there, everyone.

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