On the Road Again

"Oooon the Roaad again", I sing in my best Willie Nelson voice, my words soggy from the constant stream of blood and saliva dripping like an old faucet from my mouth.  My jaw is missing a piece now, a hairline fracture and splitting headache in its place.  I’m sure I look like something crazy from a horror movie right now, eyes up to the computer screen, watching Martin Scorsese’s "The Departed". I like that movie.

My first thought when I started writing today was to pull an office space and say that Im just going to stop going to work. Mainly because our boss has a habit of shitting on everyone who tries to be a good worker and letting those who are less qualified (and at times less human) have their way at any and everyone else’s expense.  But now that I sit back and look at it, there’s enough negativity already in our workplace. People are sad, unmotivated, disliking where they are and I’m not going to add to that. Besides, as far as bosses go, it could definitely be worse.  He’s a good boss actually, just a poor leader.

Instead, I want to say that as my time in the city of Austin comes to an end, I’ve been reflecting on all of the good people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, some of which are covering for me at the aforementioned job as I write this.  There are friends and then there are people who have your back, people you can trust and know that if they need you, wherever you’re at in the world, you have them covered.  And I’ve met more than a few of those people right here.  

A while back, I laid my cruiser down in a flash flood on East oltorf around 2am.  Not the best of neighborhoods they say.  Some of the people hanging out at the Valero ran out to lift the bike off of me and help me out of the line of traffic. I’ll have to tell you about that story sometime, the girl that was there was hilarious.  I’ve been homeless/stranded three times since moving here and even without knowing me very well, people have lent me their couches, old cars, fed me.. the kind of stuff humanity is made of.

I won’t forget that. I haven’t forgotten it. Everywhere I go, I can honestly say that I have been blessed with meeting some of this planets most under-appreciated treasures, from Santa Fe to Portland to Vancouver to Tucson to Albuquerque to Chicago to Atlanta to El Paso.  No matter what happens or where we ended up, I won’t forget that and I hope no one ever thinks that I have taken it for granted.  

Setbacks occur, circumstances change, sometimes it hard. Certain events are forcing me out of the city right now and into the unknown again, circa 2010. Thank you for your patience. You guys are why I continue my path of music and entertainment.  In the words of Asimov from cowboy bebop, keep those eyes open. It’s gonna get good.


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